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kudos to Marth for representing his boyfriend out on the battlefield ahh

you should redo it //swoon ( only if you have the time )

Drawing Ike intimidates me because he’s so beefy hahaha;;

But I’ve been wanting to try anyway, so I’ll probably draw something next week :3

Anonymous asked: do u take requests? if so can u draw ike with marth and roy? i love the way you draw them


While I’m not doing requests right now, there is this old Ike/Marth/Roy picture I drew way back that I’ve thought of redoing lately. I’ll be happy to consider it kind anon ;v;  

A re-draw of sorts…? Wanted to try and motivate myself to work and ended up doing this a couple days ago.

Took the screenshot while playing Project M.

Thank you so much everyone for the positive feedback from my Roy Day drawing ;//v//; I put together my first ever speed paint video to show my process. It was becoming so long that I kind of left out some of the process at the end (background and final tweaks mostly). 

I guess you can get an idea of why I don’t update with finished drawings very often haha~~ I just take my sweet time when I paint like this.

(view in HD for better quality)

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Happy Roy Day!!!!

It’ already June!! Seems like a long time since I’ve finished a drawing for myself. The hot weather is such a nice change recently that I’m not quite used to it haha~~ Gotta savor it while it lasts :>

Anonymous asked: will you be at anime north/will you be selling the free! fanbook anywhere?

That Free! fanbook is actually available for pre-order over here for a few more days if anyone’s interested! (I won’t be selling them, though).

And unfortunately, I didn’t get a table for AN this year.

Anonymous asked: hi!!!! i was wondering if you got a table at AN this year 'cause i really do want to meet you in person and see your lovely arts :DDD

Hi anon!!

I had not luck with the tables this year for AN :(( There’s a very small chance I’ll go now since it’s so out of the way for me. Without a table to help bring in some cash, it’s also far too expensive to pay for gas, tickets, merch, etc.

I did, however, manage to get a table for Atomic Lollipop again this year (I’m really looking forward to going since it’s at the Ontario Science Centre this time!!) So I’ll be selling stuff there if that’s an option for you! :3