hi there. the name is meep and this is my drawing/personal blog. check the about page if you're interested in learning more. thanks for stopping by!

Here’s the preview for my part of the Free! BL Fanbook! Just one of the few things I was working on last week :>

Be sure to check out all the other previews too (in the link above), this book looks like it’s gonna be awesomeeee!

Track: Together We Ride Dat Booty
Artist: Bubba Sparxxx & Yin Yang Twins vs HAL labs





botanicsage TRE LOOK OMG

Haha. I get around, it seems.



little MarthRoy pixels. used for the header of my flavors page, but i thought i’d share here too!

this is probably the extent of my pixel art making tbh…

Anonymous asked: hi, i'm nobody that get the urge to tell you how your style and art change my life and ...you are one of my huge goddesses inspiration and just get the huge urgent to sob and tell that.... you did made me love roy and marth even i haven't played fire emble in my whole life and you made me watch k and i fallen in love with yata and fushimi and sorry for exist and do this comment....love the art you do

Aw hun don’t be sorry for leaving such a sweet comment :v; I’m sorry it took me so long to reply but I’m just so happy and flattered by your words I didn’t know what to say~!! It gives me confidence to keep drawing when I get such nice asks in my inbox!! Thank you so much!!!/////


chubby-faced dork butt nerdlord for kyusil who is a great artist everyone go follow her if you like fire emblem and/or pokemon and stuff

"yes hello i’ve been in the desert for like a week now of course i’m freckling i’m a ginger leave me alone"


dunyeah and I drew old OTP’s together the other day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

i usually draw without a plan

Anonymous asked: i had a small urge to check my old tegaki the other day (with stuff from 2008!) and i saw mine and your old ssbb art and a couple of comments we'd leave each other now and then and was like 'aw goodtimes' ahaha it was super nostalgic, especially remembering about ike/pit sob

awww shucks ;v; i think i did that myself a few months ago just to look back on some of the old art and the comments there. i remember those Ike/Pit days~ those were fun times haha~

You can blame those ‘My lady, why are we dressed the same?’ screencaps going around lately.

(high res pls)

Anonymous asked: Do you mind if I ask how old you are? ^-^

Early twenties, older than most people I know here :’) Sorry, I don’t think I’ll ever give out the exact number…

I’m often told I look 19 though :’D